Far Hills

Far Hills encompasses five square miles in Somerset County. It shares a public library, a community pool, athletic programs, civic organizations and a school system with Bernardsville. It also shares a fire department and first aid squad with neighboring Bedminster. Far Hills maintains the characteristic of its community through 10-acre (40,000 sq. meter) minimum zoning laws. Large private properties and homes surround the small village center which was the creation of a wealthy New York businessman in the late 1800s. The beginning of rail service to nearby Bernardsville in 1870 opened the area to city people seeking a respite from the heat and hurry of urban life.

Anticipating the demand for country properties was Evander H. Schley, a land developer and real estate broker from New York State. He bought several thousand acres of farmland, some of it sight unseen, in Bedminster and Bernards townships in the 1880s. One day in 1887, Schley’s brother, Grant and his wife Elizabeth, arrived by horse-drawn carriage to see Evander&s farms. Elizabeth is said to have remarked on the beautiful vista of the &far hills&, thus giving the name to this lovely town before a village was built.

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