Located in northern Somerset County, historic Bernardsville Borough’s bustling downtown district winds along Route 202 and offers shops, services, boutiques, a movie theater, two supermarkets, several restaurants and a New Jersey Transit train station for service to New York.

Bernardsville was originally a section of Bernards Township (Basking Ridge) known as Vealtown. In 1840, Vealtown became Bernardsville, named after Sir Francis Bernard, Colonial governor of New Jersey from 1758 to 1760. After the Civil War, many wealthy and prominent New Yorkers moved to the area, first as summer visitors, then as permanent residents of Bernardsville Mountain including the Stevens, Pfizer and Ballantine families. The New Jersey State Review Board for Historic Sites recommended the creation of the Olcott Avenue Historic district in 2009. The area’s appeal and historic significance remembers the story of the rise of the middle class in Bernardsville and how this particular location impacted the entire region from downtown, Little Italy and even the Mountain Colony areas.

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